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Band Uniforms

While our uniforms are fit and assigned based on gender, our #1 priority is that people feel comfortable in the uniform that they wear, so please feel open to email/chat with Mr. Arnold regarding which uniform they would prefer to wear based on personal reasons, gender identity, etc.

Concert Band

For Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Band Festival, Pre-Band Festival, and any trip performances (unless otherwise stated):

Male Uniforms
Provided by school: Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants, Tuxedo Shirt, Black Bow Tie
Student needs to provide: White Under T-Shirt, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes (marching shoes are fine), long black socks.

Female Uniforms
Provided by school: black dress, pearl necklace
Student needs to provide: black flats or 2" heals

For Graduation:
Red Summer Marching Band T-Shirt
Khaki Pants
Black Dress Shoes (marching shoes are fine)
Long Black Socks

Marching Band

Summer Uniform (To Be Used at Prescribed Events, Mainly any Spring Parades or August Performances)
Red Summer Marching Band T-Shirt
Khaki Shorts
Black Marching Shoes
Short Ankle Black Socks

Main Marching Uniform
Wool Jacket
Wool Pants "Bibs"
Marching Hat "Shako"
White Gloves (dotted gloves for reed players)
Black Marching Shoes
Long Black Socks

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