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Future LSHS Musicians and Parents

The Michigan Department of Education has a set standard of requirements that each student must meet in order to graduate with a state-endorsed diploma.  Called the “Michigan Merit Curriculum,” it will provide Michigan’s students the learning opportunity, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college or in the global job market.  The standards will require that each student obtain a minimum amount of credits in various subjects.

The great news is that, like you, the Department of Education considers the arts to be a critical component to the educational process and insists that a fine art requirement be included in the state-wide curriculum.  When your 8th grader joins band in 9th grade, they are on their way to a successful high school career by fulfilling this requirement!

Current college bound high school students are taking courses that meet the standards while also having a band class all four years. In addition to their primary band class, some students take Jazz Band or an extra concert band as their electives.  Therefore there is no need to believe band cannot be included in a student’s schedule.  With a little planning and consideration to scheduling in their first year, every student can take band for four years while still satisfying the graduation requirements.  We all know that colleges and employers look highly upon band students in the application process because it shows commitment, discipline and team work.

More information about scheduling band for next year will be coming by mail.  This mailing will include information on the many opportunities that await your student in instrumental music at the high school level along with sample schedule to help alleviate any apprehension about participating in band. Information is also available on our website in the newsroom.  Please contact us at the high school with any scheduling concerns.  There are also various parents we can put you in touch with if you would like another parent perspective.

As the Michigan Department of Education has recognized, student involvement in the arts is an important factor for a well-rounded education.  We look forward to seeing the 8th graders at the high school next year!

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