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Middle School Bands - Instrument Fittings

Once your child has been fitted for a band instrument, please do one of the following options to obtain an instrument:


1.  Rent from A&G Music (most popular option).  They offer a rent-to-own program.  Your child will receive an instrument in great condition.  There is no contract.  All repairs will be covered!


2.  Purchase a new instrument.  Be careful, as there are many "off brand" instruments out there!  These are of poor quality.  Both A&G and Ardis Music will not repair these instruments.  Contact Mr. Arnold before purchasing a new instrument so that we can confirm or deny if it is a good brand/quality!


3.  Purchase a used instrument.  You can often find some great instruments on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.  Please check with Mr. Arnold before you buy used, as there are many poor brands out there.  However, you can find some great deals on quality band instruments! Please get all used instruments services by a music repair store before bringing them to class, as even if an instrument looks shiny and new, it could be inoperable internally.


Welcome to the Kennedy Middle School Band Program!  The KMS Band has a long tradition of excellence!  I am thrilled you are joining our program for the upcoming school year.  I believe band should be amazing and fun!  Please take some time to read the information on this website.  I can't wait to have your child in band this fall.  I hope they have a wonderful experience making great music.

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