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Middle School Bands

Kennedy Middle School currently has four band classes.

The 6th grade band is for beginners and is split up into two classes - one class for students on brass instruments (trumpets/trombones) and percussion, and another class for woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone).

The 7th grade band will continue to work on the basic fundamentals of performing individual instruments as well as in a full ensemble, and is an intermediate middle school ensemble. At the 7th grade level (or sometimes towards the end of 6th grade), new instruments will become available for certain students. New instruments include the oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor and bari saxophone, french horn, baritone, and tuba.

The 8th Grade band is an advanced middle school ensemble. Instruction will be differentiated between age and skill level as much as possible. In addition to the typical Winter and Spring concerts, the 8th grade band performs at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Band & Orchestra Festival each March. 7th & 8th grade students will also have opportunities to participate in solo & ensemble festival and jazz band class if they choose.

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