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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

10.28 Update

As a reminder, all students wishing to enroll in a solo at solo & ensemble must be receiving weekly, consistent private instruction as a requirement for enrollment. This may be achieved through private lessons through one of our approved instructors (at cost to you & your family, this is the most recommended route to get instrument specific feedback & help selecting a solo from a professional player on your instrument), or through consistent involvement in our Lake Shore HS Club S&E (Solo & Ensemble), a newly formed club that provides weekly, 30 minute private lessons and ensemble help with Mr. Arnold at no cost and at times set up by the student & Mr. Arnold. If you are interested in joining Club S&E as a solo performer, please email Mr. Arnold at

In order to maintain enrollment as a solo performer, involvement in either private lessons or Club S&E must be consistent - if a student is not consistent (i.e. is not able to meet once at least 90% of the weeks from time enrolled in S&E and the date of the event), the student risks forfeiting their S&E event at no refund.

The solo event is the only event with this requirement due to the dynamic nature of the event being so different from the regular band curriculum.

Club S&E will be opened up to ensemble assistance as well, but on a weekly sign-up basis-more info on this to come out soon.

Involvement in a solo at solo & ensemble also comes with the requirement to hire an accompanist to perform with you - the Lake Shore HS Accompanist is Justin Umbarger and has a rate of $75 for 1-2 rehearsals and the performance. If this fee is a problem for you & your family's financial situation, please let Mr. Arnold know.

10.21 Update

Information for Solo & Ensemble Registration was passed out this week - all registration materials are due to Mr. Arnold by 10/29

Solo & Ensemble is one of the best opportunities MSBOA offers our student musicians! Collaborate with your friends on a piece written just for your instruments, or perform a solo by yourself and get feedback from an amazing MSBOA adjudicator!

All soloists will be accompanied by Mr. Justin Umbarger at the rate of $75 (for performance and 1-2 rehearsals).

Groups looking to perform at Solo & Ensemble should plan a weekly meeting time and plan to participate in our Lake Shore Schools S&E Help Day on Saturday, December 4th.

Mr. Arnold is available to assist any groups and soloists from 3-4pm after school every day.

S&E Information:

S & E Form (2021-22)
Download PDF • 286KB

What to do to be successful at Solo & Ensemble:

S&E Plan for Success - Pass out with Original Info
Download PDF • 142KB

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