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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Dear incoming Lake Shore High School students,

Welcome to our school, we're glad you're here!

We are so excited to welcome you to our Lake Shore Shorian family. You are entering at a very exciting time in Lake Shore's history - this year marks the 100 anniversary of our school, and many exciting things are in the works to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Becoming a student at Lake Shore High School also comes with it the amazing opportunity to continue on in band and build upon the many great experiences built upon in the Kennedy Middle School band program. Mr. Bays and I agree that we want to encourage every single one of our student musicians to continue on into HS, because we both agree that the foundation built with your amazing MS band teacher helps give students the opportunity to experience so many more great things at the high school, like:

Marching Band

Jazz Ensemble

Concert Bands

As well as performing experiences all over the state and country! To check out some of what we've been up to, check out our Band Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

The Michigan Department of Education has a set standard of requirements that each student must meet in order to graduate with a state-endorsed diploma. Called the “Michigan Merit Curriculum,” it will provide Michigan’s students the learning opportunity, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college or in the global job market. The standards will require that each student obtain a minimum amount of credits in various subjects.

The great news is that, like you, the Department of Education considers the arts to be a critical component to the educational process and insists that a fine art requirement be included in the state-wide curriculum. When your 8th grader joins band in 9th grade, they are on their way to a successful high school career by fulfilling this requirement!

Current college bound high school students are taking courses that meet the standards while also having a band class all four years. In addition to their primary band class, some students take Jazz Band or an extra concert band as their electives. Therefore, there is no need to believe band cannot be included in a student’s schedule. With a little planning and consideration to scheduling in their first year, every student can take band for four years while still satisfying the graduation requirements. We all know that colleges and employers look highly upon band students in the application process because it shows commitment, discipline and team work.

Some frequently asked questions:

Can my child participate in band and athletics?

ABSOLUTELY! We currently have band students that participate in football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, swim, soccer, and bowling - while conflicts sometimes arise, at Lake Shore we are passionate about our kids doing everything they want to do, and we make it work.

This question can extend to other extracurriculars as well - Boy/Girl Scouts, Service Organizations, Church groups, etc.

How does band work with my schedule at Lake Shore?

Great question! Check out these sample schedules to see how band can work with your course load at Lake Shore High School. It shows how band can work with a regular or honors schedule, students who go to Butcher for their math & science, and students dual enrolled at Macomb Community College & Lake Shore.

Do students enrolled in band class also participate in marching band?

Yes - all students enrolled in band at Lake Shore are expected to participate in marching band in some capacity, whether it be in the frontline, colorguard, drumline, or the winds (brass/woodwinds). Marching Band is a once in a lifetime opportunity that builds all of the teamwork fundamentals that helps make our program thrive the rest of the year!

What is band camp and does my student have to go?

Here's a presentation that talks about what band camp is:

Band camp presentation
Download PDF • 6.60MB

As well as a two page handout:

Camp Letter
Download PDF • 71KB

To summarize: band camp is the single most comprehensive, formative experience that Lake Shore Public Schools offers for students. Our band kids spend a week away, building bonds and memories that last a lifetime, while learning the music and drill for this year's field show.

Band camp is required for all students - we do fundraising throughout the year to make this possible. If you are someone who needs assistance to make this possible - please reach out to Mr. Arnold as there are district avenues we can access to potentially assist families in need. If you have a conflict with the band camp dates (July 24-30), please reach out to Mr. Arnold ASAP

What outside of school rehearsals/concerts are required as a part of band class?

Please take a look at this past year's band calendar to get an idea what an average year in band looks like

Now that you've read all the information, what next?

Step 1: Whether you're all in, on the fence, or not interested in continuing on in band next year at the HS, take 30 seconds and complete this band interest form

Step 2: Schedule band for both semesters on your scheduling form later this March.

Step 3: Wait for more information and enjoy the rest of the year - this next stretch is a celebration of you and all of your hard work at Kennedy Middle School and in 8th Grade Band! The next official thing is our Mini-Band Camp, hosted at Lake Shore High School on June 16th & June 17th. There will be two fundraisers for band camp that we will pass along to Mr. Bays if you would like to raise funds for band camp.

Thank you for your time - I appreciate you considering continuing on in band, as life never offers a second chance at high school band, and those who stick with it look back on it as one of the fondest experiences of their public school experience!

Please reach out ANYTIME with any questions

Brad Arnold

Director of Bands

Lake Shore High School

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