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Starting this year all athletic events will be purchased by digital ticket sales only (no ticket sales on site at events). To access the portal to purchase tickets and present tickets on the day of the game, please visit:

Please be sure to purchase tickets for the correct event!

Pricing (per athletic department 2021)

1) Any Senior Citizen (60+) - Free

2) Children 5th grade & younger – Free

3) Lake Shore Students – Middle School & High School with current school ID - $2.00 (until KMS & LSHS have picture day, this is not strictly enforced, so don’t fret – can use last year’s)

4) Lake Shore Students – Middle School & High School without current school ID - $5.00

5) Adults (anyone out of high school through 59) - $5.00

6) Lake Shore Public Schools employees – Free (this is for the employee only and not other family members)

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