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Dear current LSHS Band students,

Now begins the time when you begin to plan your schedule for the upcoming year - this is always an equally exciting time because you start to see what the road to graduation looks like, but it can also be a nerve-wrecking time because there are so many puzzle pieces to decipher as you try to fit in everything that you'd like to.

My goal in this newsletter is to make things as easy as possible for you to see how the band offerings at Lake Shore HS can work in your schedule.

If you'd like to see how band can work in the various scheduling scenarios, please check out the sample schedules tab on our band website.

For a reminder on what concert band classes LSHS offers, please check out the concert bands tab on our band website.

For a reminder on what jazz band at LSHS offers, please check out the jazz ensemble tab on our band website.

Once you've reviewed all of the information, please take a moment to fill out the following survey and let me know what your scheduling plans are for next year. This helps me ensure with counselors that the people who do want to sign up for band end up in our class.

As a reminder, please check out the marching band 2022 ongoing newsletter for information regarding leadership applications, band camp, as well as two important surveys-one for helping us determine when we want to schedule our after school rehearsals, and another to help us determine what we'd like to do for next year's field show.

Please reach out anytime with any questions - we look forward to seeing you in band next year!

Kind regards,

Mr. Arnold

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