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MSU Clinic Schedule 9/29

Schedule Updated as of 9/21

What do you need:

Uniforms - Red Lake Shore Band Shirts/Any pants/Marching Shoes

$20 for lunch (required)/ice cream (optional)

Kids are excused from Hours 2-6 @ LSHS on 9/29


9:30-11:00a - Transit from LSHS to MSU

11:00a-12:00p - Lunch @ Brody Hall

12:00-1:30pm - MSU Campus Tours

1:30-2:15p - Dairy Store Stop

2:15-3:00p - Transit to SMB turf, instrument assembly & warm up

3:00-3:15p - LS Band Performs HT show

3:15-4:10p - Full Band Marching Clinic

4:10-4:15p - Wrap Up

4:15-4:30p - Put LSHS instruments/gear off Munn Side Grass Behind Endzone in organized, out of way manor, return to stands to watch SMB rehearsal

4:30-6:00p - Watch SMB rehearsal

6:00-6:15p - Walk back to Dem Hall, put gear back on bus

6:15-7:00p - Eat Dinner on steps of Dem Hall – Can leadership stop by to say hi and just chat informally?

7:00p – Picture at Sparty, transit to Wharton Center for Performing Arts

7:30p – WS Concert

9:00p – Est. Departure from Wharton

10:20p – Return to LSHS

Parents - want to come with us???? Let Mr. Arnold know!

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