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Shorian Marching Band Plays at Jimmy John's Stadium!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Come one come all to support Lake Shore Bands in a night of amazingly fun music and baseball!

Tickets are $25 dollars and include food and beverage. The band program makes $10 per ticket which goes right back into helping kids have a great experience in band, like new marching percussion equipment, hiring of sectional staff, etc.

Students get in free and can watch the game from the lawn, however food/beverage is not included in their free admission. More details regarding the band's schedule for the day/performance will be published closer to the date.

Purchase tickets here:


Attire: Lake Shore Bands Summer Uniform (sans marching shoes)

  • Red Lake Shore Bands T-Shirt (This doesn't mean "any red shirt/Lake Shore Shirt," this means the specific shirt with our band logo your student has/will receive on Tuesday)

  • Khaki Shorts (belts are encouraged but not required, as the shirts will be tucked into the shorts).

  • Black Ankle Socks (SHORT socks, not long socks)

  • Any Athletic Shoes (Any shoes that are suitable for a MB rehearsal are suitable here... no crocs, flip flops, etc. USUALLY, shoes in our summer uniform will be our marching shoes, but that's not the case for this non-movement performance).

Need to bring:

  • Instrument

  • Music (STAR SPANGLED BANNER... other music TBD)

  • Funds for food (students only... unless you buy a ticket through the fundraiser)


5:00pm - Truck Loading (Drumline Only)

5:15pm - Band Call Time in LSHS Band Room in uniform

5:30pm - Bus Loading/Departure

6:10pm - students arrive in front of the ball park w/instruments in hands, we stage them in a big block facing fans entering the stadium.

6:30pm – Band performs standstill music in front of stadium.

6:45pm – Band concludes pre-game performance, moves to positions off field for the National Anthem.

7:00pm/7:05pm – Band Performs Star Spangled Banner

7:05pm – Game Starts, Band moves to lawn, puts instruments down in an orderly manner on lawn, and watches the game.

8:00pm – 7th Inning Stretch, Drumline Performs

8:30pm – Game Concludes, band loads truck with large equipment, students load buses/return home with their families.

9:00pm - Bus Arrives @LSHS

Items of Note

  • ALL students are to ride the buses over with us for the performance; however, transportation home is at the discretion of our families. If you would like to take your student home, please have your student check out with a band booster sometime during the 7th Inning of the game over in the "lawn seating" of the stadium. If your student would like to take the bus back home, please meet in the "lawn seating" of the stadium in the 9th inning of the game.

  • Please fill out this form sometime by 8/24 giving us a heads up your travel home plans:

  • This is a "instruments, no cases" game. All cases must either be in the band room before departure, OR, if you are taking your student home, in your vehicle/residence before getting to the school for call time.

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