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Private Lessons

We would like to take this opportunity to invite your son or daughter to participate in our private lesson program.  Students who participate in private lessons will excel in class and have fun!  It is a great way for beginners to have a jump start on their instrument and for advanced students to refine their skills.  Best of all, private lessons are a great way to increase your child’s enjoyment of their instrument!
Some of the best music teachers in Metro Detroit will teach your child virtually or in-person.  Your child will meet with the instructor through Google Meet, Zoom, or at their house or studio for one 30-minute lesson per week.  You will have an agreed upon lesson time with the instructor.  Each lesson will cost between $10.00-25.00 per half hour (depending on the experience of the instructor).  If you wish to meet longer than thirty minutes, the cost of the lesson will increase accordingly. 
Students who take private lessons will excel on their instruments.  Students will receive more individualized attention on their instrument than can be given to them in class.  Your child will receive continuous feedback on their instrument as well as have the opportunity to play with excellent musicians.  There is no better way to learn than to hear and imitate amazing musicians! 
I encourage all of you to have your child participate in private lessons.  I guarantee that your child, no matter what age, will love taking lessons.  Lessons benefit beginners as well as students who have been playing for multiple years. 

To sign up for private lessons, please contact someone on our Lake Shore Bands Approved Private Lesson Instructor List through phone or email and they will respond with their availability, location, and rates.

To access the approved list, click on the following icon:


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